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Why Does My Handicap Index Say “N.H.”?

Have you checked your handicap index on the GHIN system and it shows N.H.?  What does that stand for you ask?  Well, it’s super simple!  It stands for “No Handicap” and why if you have an active GHIN do you not have a Handicap Index?  Easy!  You haven’t played enough rounds to establish your first true index number.

Let me share with you what that means and how to get it fixed to show a true handicap number.

The Who:  You, the golfer.  You’ve recently joined SOCAL Golfer whether as a brand new to GHIN member or as someone reactivating and renewing their GHIN number.  Either way, you are considered a new member.

The What:  In its simplest form N.H. stands for (yep, you guessed it) no handicap.

The How:  Once you join a club or you reactivate your membership you must meet a minimum of five 18-hole recorded rounds or ten 9-hole recorded rounds.  You can record to the GHIN system post-dated rounds if you happen to have a golf bag full of completed scorecards from previous rounds.   Key is to get those rounds played and recorded to GHIN.  (See “How to Establish a Handicap Index” for instructions on recording scores.)

The Why:  Once you’ve reached your minimum you may still find that your handicap index states N.H.  Until GHIN goes through its regularly scheduled revision updates your handicap index will remain as N.H.  On the 1st and 15th of each month GHIN runs its reports and will automatically update your handicap number for you as well as send you an email notification.  Look for those emails and make sure to mark as safe so the email doesn’t wind up in your spam/junk folder.

The Help:  Are you playing in a golf event that requires your  handicap number and you’re not only new but you have your minimum rounds recorded AND you’re in between revision updates?  Not to worry!  Our Handicap Committee can issue you what’s called a “Local Handicap” as notated next to your handicap number as the letter “L”.  Simply shoot an email to your handicap regional chair and we’ll get you all taken care of.  Those emails can be found on the right hand side of your screen in the Handicap Corner.

Handicap Question - What does N.H. stand for and why does my handicap index state that?

Still need help?  Let us know!  We’re always available to help!

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