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Would You Golf During a Fire?

We are all too familiar with wild fires and fire season here in Southern California and if you’re a follower of SOCAL Golfer you’re most likely a golf nut.  So here’s the question:  Would you golf during a fire?

Photos have surfaced on Golf Digest (per Reddit) of golfers in Oregon playing with a wild fire raging in the background!  I’ve been evacuated from one fire threatening my home in my tenure as a SOCAL resident (14 years) and I can tell you that even being within a 1-2 mile radius I could feel the heat… and the fire I’m referring to is the one that allegedly a GOLFER PUT OUT HIS CIGAR under a tree at La Costa which started the flames (be smarter than that please).  I’m all for getting my round in whenever I can but this is insane!  I’ll give them credit though …that fire is actually across the Columbia River from them so there is a body of water separating them from the flames.  That being said, wind is wind and we’ve seen our fires jump and spread rapidly.


So… would you golf during a fire?




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3 thoughts on “Would You Golf During a Fire?

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    Love the game, but this is true dis-respect for the victims and fire fighters involved in these catastrophes. This is pretty arrogant as to the magnitude of the fires in Oregon and the affect they are having on so many people. Unless this was a mandatory round, it could have waited. Just one man’s opinion. Dennis

  2. blank

    No. I remember when Redhawk GC in Temecula was burning right up to the putting green.

  3. blank

    No . Air quality, heat, cinders, running animals Skunks , Mountain lions. Plus 364 other days to play.

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