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Temporary Tees & Greens – How To Score Those Holes

Have you ever been to your favorite course, walked up to a par 4 and have seen no flag on the green but a big spray painted circle with a flag in the middle of the fairway?  That’s what we’re talking about here.  It’s not all that often but it can happen due to inclement weather, repair, or construction… a tee box or a green is closed and the maintenance crew has set up temporary replacements.  So, how in the world do you score this hole?  We’re here to help… in the most simplest form possible:

TEMPORARY GREEN:  Post your score using “par plus”.

TEMPORARY TEE BOX:  In most cases the length of the hole is not jeopardized so use the existing USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating.  If it is modified then use whatever the course has set up for the replacement course and slope.

CLOSED HOLE:  If the hole is closed and you are directed to the next hole then you simply use the “par plus” method as well.


  • If the rules of golf can be followed then your score is acceptable for posting.
  • What is “par plus”?  Click HERE.
  • There is no limit of temporary tees and greens that would make a score ineligible for posting.  It might not be a fun round but it’s still a round you’d have to post.


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