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You won’t believe how cheap tickets were going for at LIV Golf Bedminster

Tickets were going for less than a bag of chips for the second round of LIV Golf Bedminster.

Tickets were on sale on StubHub for as little as $1 to attend the second round of LIV Golf Bedminster on Saturday.

LIV Golf tweeted hours after sacked European Ryder Cup captain Henrik Stenson tapped home for a debut win that “25,000+” spectators turned up to watch the action at Trump National Bedminster Golf Club.

“Bedminster showed up!” tweeted LIV Golf.

But despite LIV Golf getting pumped by their attendance figures, tickets were available at the start of the weekend for less than a bag of chips.

LIV Golf’s website was selling tickets at $75 per day prior to the start of the tournament.

Only on StubHub they were going for as little as $1 with a $5.05 fee.

“More than a billion spent on the field and that’s the level of demand in a major metropolitan area,” tweeted Golfweek’s senior writer Adam Schupak.

The third LIV Golf tournament in Bedminster came under heavy criticism for even going ahead with it being staged on Donald Trump’s golf course just 50 miles away from where the horrific 9/11 attacks took place.

It has recently emerged how Saudi Arabia played a big role in the atrocities that day.

LIV Golf is bankrolled by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

It’s not the first time in a LIV Golf tournament where tickets have been available on the cheap.

In its inaugural tournament at Centurion Club in England, 100 free tickets were dished out by each of the players to their followers on their social media platforms.

How much would you pay to attend a LIV Golf event? What have you made of the LIV Golf Invitational Series so far? Is it any better than the PGA Tour? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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3 thoughts on “You won’t believe how cheap tickets were going for at LIV Golf Bedminster

  1. blank

    It is difficult to understand why the media & PGA would continue to attempt to downgrade LIV.
    It’s wonderful to know that LIV is drawing people to the game that have never attended a pro event.
    a lost of income from LIV, but this is wonderful for the game.

    1. blank

      Your not suppose to be drinking during the day!!!

  2. blank

    Would not waste my money for $1.00, and I love golf. Past-their-prime LIV golfers are not being truthful when they say their motivation is to grow the game and to provide leverage against the PGA Tour. It’s all about the money! Being disloyal to the Tour that made them is only one moral failure. Taking money from the Saudi government is in excusable. I add former president Trump’s actions as despicable.

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