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Your Best Round… What Stands Out the Most?

I was cruising some golf forums and landed on a great topic.  Someone posted that they were chatting with some friends and they were all reliving their best round of golf they’ve ever played (slightly trying to one up each other).

Well, it got me thinking about my best round (well, favorite round)… At the time, with the 2018 British Open coming up. I would have to say, Scotland, Carnoustie, shooting a birdie on the 14th hole (best known as “Spectacles” thanks to the enormously deep bunkers protecting the hole).  It was a blind second shot over the bunkers and I was truthfully more interested in snapping a picture in the bunkers to prove I’d been and played there.  We snapped a few pictures (with the artillery range next door booming) only to come over the mound and in view of the green to see my ball about 10 feet from the hole.  Birdie opportunity!  Our caddie who happened to have been a club champ there a solid 10 years in his tenure gave me a line, a simple stroke and it swished into the hole.  Not much tops that moment.

The 2018 Open Championship is set to be played at Carnoustie! Can’t wait to watch and reminisce the round while watching the best in the world play the same course!

So, what was it that made your best round your best round?  Is there something that stands out the most – a moment, a score, a shot, or who you were playing with?  Share your story in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Your Best Round… What Stands Out the Most?

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    I’m a 14/15 handicap and as such I don’t have a trophy room but I do have a trophy card where I do transcribe my bragable moments. Most of these moments came on the SCSH’s golf course such as the hole in one on the old #3 (now 12), or the 7 iron eagle on old #6 (now 15), or the last round I played at this course in April where I pared the first 11 holes. Don’t ask what I shot on the next 7 holes. What I want to say is that it is important to remember these special occasions and that can be done with “trophy card” . Cheers, Ed

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    My most favorite round was playing Bethpage Black course in 2000. I had gone back to Long Island for our 40th High School reunion. The open was scheduled to be played there in June of 2002.
    I grew up caddying at Bethpage State Park and still remembered every hole on the Black Course.
    I got up at 4:00AM drove to the park got a 9:30 tee time and went back to my hotel and got some more sleep. I was 58 years old the and had about an 18 handicap. No carts allowed and there were no caddies available so I walked and carried my bag. I knew every hole it was just that the trees were much bigger then I remembered. I was thrilled and delighted to have shot a 94 that day and will always remember that day.

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      Thanks for sharing @larry-metz. We always love hearing a good golf story. I would love to play Bethpage Black course. Such an amazing course! Keep sharing your golf stories with us! Send us an email to [email protected]rg with your shipping address and we’ll send you out a free SOCAL Golfer hat!

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