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Yes… You Have to Post Every Round of Golf You Play

We all can acknowledge that one of the cornerstone values of golf is honesty.  …but then why do some golfers forget to allocate (or purposefully omit) penalty strokes and  then go on to post an inaccurate score for their round?  Some golfers even go as far as simply not posting a score because it was not their “normal” or was a “bad” round and they don’t want their Handicap Index to be penalized and increase.  On the flip side, some golfers will do the opposite and won’t post a really “great” score so their Handicap Index won’t lower and they can get an advantage when it comes to competition time.

If you’re one of these golfers… please stop because you’re not just disrupting others’ ability to enjoy the level playing field you are penalizing yourself.  How are you penalizing yourself?  Here’s how…

NOT POSTING BAD SCORES:  Here’s the deal, you may think you are helping yourself by eliminating high scores to keep your Handicap Index low but the calculation to determine your Handicap Index takes into account a range of your most current scores (or within the last 12 months).  Point being one bad round isn’t going to kill your index.  Second point… if you are pretty consistently shooting 95+ then you should not be held accountable to a Handicap Index that puts you shooting somewhere in the 80’s.

OMITTING PENALTY STROKES:  Plain and simple, if you are not counting penalty strokes then you are not allowed to post your score at the end of the round.  If you are not counting every single stroke you take during a round your score does not count for recording purposes.

Bad round? Good round? Post Every Score.

NOT POSTING GOOD SCORES:  If you were to shoot your lowest score but choose not to post it to GHIN in fear that your Handicap Index will drop go back and read the same statement about not posting bad scores.  This is the inverse of course but when it does come time for a competitive round it is noticed and you could be forced to forfeit a trophy.   If you were on average to shoot mid-80’s but do shoot from time to time in the low 70’s you must post those scores because it won’t take long before the Handicap Committee notices your tournament score trends and you’ll be tagged by your peers as a sandbagger.  Not a good thing.

NOT POSTING ALL SCORES:  Post every eligible core regardless of whether or not it was for casual play or tournament.  The Handicap Index system is the best way to track your progress and it’s okay for you to go through peaks and valleys as you hone in your skills.

Bad round? Good round? Post Every Score.


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6 thoughts on “Yes… You Have to Post Every Round of Golf You Play

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    I agree posting accurate scores is very important. I do it to measure my improvement or decline as I rarely play in tournaments. However, this weekend I played practice rounds – sometimes playing three balls from the same spot to work through issues I’m having. My club allows this if you declare it as a practice round up front. Of course in this scenario posting wouldn’t be allowed.

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    You can’t post scores when you golf alone. This was not mentioned in the article.

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      I wish they would address this. Also if you hit the wring ball and are penalized, I thought for posting purposes, you subtract that penalty shot (s).04 Before posting.

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    A friendly golfer.

    Why do I need to post scores when I am not entering tournaments and I am only playing for social reasons. Not everyone wants to compete even with themselves!

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    I play with two “clubs” on an executive course. One uses the SCGA Handicap for a competitive game once per week. The other a true senior’s club uses its own handicapping system the logic of which escapes me. Nonetheless as a “C” player in this latter club, I am permitted during competition to play from the Lady’s Tees on several holes that require clearing a water hazard. Consequently, when I play with that club, I do not post my score since I do not view the game played from the hybrid T arrangement to be a valid score. Am I correct?

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    what is the penalty for repeatedly not posting scores

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