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Zippy Rolling Ball Therapy Review – Remarkably Simple Sports Aches Relief

Do you get kinks from links?  Did you know massage therapy can not only alleviate muscle pains and relax you but it can increase flexibility, improve circulation, and promote better sleep?  …but who has the time to get a weekly massage and I’m guessing you don’t want to shell over the $50-$200 at the sports therapist office or spa.  There are all kinds of products out on the market but we’re golfers and we like products that seem to align themselves with our game.  The Zippy RBT utilizes a golf ball with a mission to give you sports related aches relief.

Product Details

  • Single piece device
  • Three variations – Basic, T-Handle, and Rocker
  • Description – golf ball welded into holder
  • Rolls on skin and most fabrics
  • Colors – Orange handle with white golf ball
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not needed, but can be used with lotion or oil
  • Rolling to you from Phoenix, AZ


Zippy RBT Review - Rolling Ball TherapyInitial honest thought… how is this little orange thing with the golf ball going to help me?  Honestly I was incredibly skeptical and thought for sure this was just a gimmick product.  Its appearance is incredibly simple no matter which of the three options they manufacture.  Each has an orange outer shell and a golf ball in the middle which rolls freely.  The Basic model is just the simple shell and golf ball while the Rocker and T-Handle have an affixed… well, handle.  Each model was surprisingly easy to grip as it gave you variations to wrap your hands around the device.  They recommend putting one in the freezer for awhile so I did just that and threw the Rocker in which resulted in creating a no-mess ice cube.  Excellent!


This test is good timing because of two reasons – 1.) I’ve been experiencing some tightness in my calves which I’m not sure is Achilles Tendinitis or not but based on what others say it seems like it may be just that and 2.) I am at the computer a lot and experience soreness in my hands and forearms after a long work week.  The Zippy RBT has one purpose which is to be a simple tool to roll away common (sports related) aches and pains.

Zippy RBT Review - Rolling Ball Therapy

First and foremost, most of us are recreational golfers who rely on a job off the course for income.  We revel in spending our free time playing golf and if you get tight or sore work related muscles (specifically in your hands from working at a computer or your back from sitting in a chair all day) it’s hard to feel loose and comfortable during a round of golf.  I began with the Basic Zippy model and started by gripping the orange shell and rolling the ball on the palms of my hands.  I applied a decent amount of pressure and immediately got the hurts so good feeling.  I ran the ball up my wrist and forearm and was shocked at just how simple and effective this little device is at creating an at-home massage.  I didn’t stop there… I kept rolling the ball all the way up my arm and without thinking about it found myself massaging my shoulders and neck.  Zippy RBT Review - Rolling Ball TherapyFor a better grip I went with the T-Handle model and started on my lower back.  The ball rolled freely over my clothes and on my skin no problem and without fail Zippy RBT achieved their product purpose.

On to a more sports related type of pain – my Achilles and calves.  I grabbed the Rocker model I had in the freezer and went to work on the backs of my legs.  The coldness was an amazing idea!  It didn’t stop the free roll of the ball either and I was able to really dig in deep to my muscles.  I haven’t felt this much relief in my Achilles in quite awhile and didn’t have to spend $50-$100 on a massage by a sports therapist or at the spa.  I read on the Zippy website that the handles of the models can provide another variation so with the Rocker I flipped it over and rubbed the handle down my calf.  It mimicked a foam roller that many athletes rely on but this was a small little device, not a big stick or foam tube.

Initial performance, excellent… but what about over time?  I spent the next week taking my little Zippy RBT Rocker with me everywhere Foam Roller Exercises(I found this to be my favorite of the three).  I used it during the day at work, sat with it on the couch in the evening, and even brought it to the golf course for some mid-round massage.  It’s so small you are able to take it with you really anywhere.  The traditional foam rollers are bulky and require a lot of floor gymnastics.  Same goes for a massage stick.  Imagine being able to hop on a plane or head out for the day and to easily be able to throw the Zippy in your backpack, briefcase, or even pocket?  Mobile relief!

After just one week of using the Zippy my Achilles and calves were not nearly as tight as usual.  My hands and forearms felt great!  Simple.

Zippy RBT Review - Rolling Ball Therapy


I’ll make it quick – here’s the question you may be asking yourself, “Well, I feel fine now so why would I need to spend the money to pick up a Zippy RBT?”  My answer to you is as simple as the Zippy concept… it just feels good.   I always try to be critical of every product we review and initially I was very skeptical but for the relatively low price you have at your fingertips a massage that you can take anywhere and use anytime.  Not only will it relieve some aches and pains but it provides for some always needed relaxation.

For more information click HERE.

MSRP:  Ranges from $14.95 – $19.95

To buy now click HERE.




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