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So We Got Some Rain – 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sit the Day Out

Believe it or not… it’s just rain.

Southern Californians may not know how to golf in the rain, let alone drive in it, but there are plenty of reasons why you should get out and play in the wet stuff falling from the sky.Reasons to play golf in the rain  Although we’ve been experiencing record high heat and a statewide drought we were fortunate enough to get rain dumped across the region on Tuesday (with more ahead in the forecast).  Most of you probably hid indoors and kept your golf clubs safely dry in the trunk of your car or house while I was out enjoying an empty golf course and a basic change in scenery… inclement weather.

To inspire you to get out and take advantage the next time we get a good rain dump, here are 11 reasons why you shouldn’t sit the day out:

1. First and foremost most Southern Californians (me included) are spoiled.  We have basically perfect weather year round.  Perfect golfing weather!  A little rain and watch the golf course become a ghost town.  We’ve all complained about slow play and this is your chance to have no one in front or behind you.

2. Fashion is important and there is no reason to own a fancy golf rain suit or jacket if you’re never going to use it.  We all have one.  Finally get your money’s worth and wear it.Reasons to play golf in the rain

3. A dry hard putting green makes for a fast putt.  A soggy wet green adds some slowness and a change of slope effect.  If you think you’ve mastered your favorite course’s greens try playing them wet.

4. You’re a risk taker already but in the rain you can go right for the flag… the ball isn’t going to roll far, if at all.

5. Most shoes are now spikeless but you may just have a pair of old spikes in the garage that you can’t get rid of for sentimental reasons (I love the click click click sound).  Grab them and use them to keep you on your feet in the slick wet grass.  Your old spikes miss you too!

Reasons to play golf in the rain6. Think you hit a good long ball?  Try hitting it in the rain.  A long course becomes longer with some heavy rain and will make even the easiest course a fun challenge.

7. A little rain changes a golf course.  If you’re like me and frequent the same handful of courses on the regular a rainy day makes for an additional course you feel like you’ve never played.

8. So you think you want to play golf in Scotland.  Might as well get some practice!  You can never expect perfect weather at a major golf destination in the UK.  Get some time on the course and practice for when you do go so you won’t be a complete schlub.

9. It’s okay to feel like a kid again!  You don’t have parents telling you that you have to stay indoors when it rains.  Go out, get wet, get dirty, and have some fun.

10. If no one is playing the pro shop guys may just let you out for free.  He may think you’re crazy but free golf is free golf!

11. No doubt about it, you’ll become a better golfer.

There you have it… 11 reasons why even if it rains you shouldn’t take a rain check.  Only a true golfer will play anytime and anywhere!

Reasons to play golf in the rain

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