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Resurrecting Quick Play – St. Mark Executive Golf Course

With time and cost being an issue executive golf courses have gladly positioned themselves as an alternative worth the tee off.  However, not a lot of exec courses have spent the money on a much needed face-lift… until now.

A major overhaul has been going on over at the St. Mark (formerly Lake San Marcos Country Club) which includes the hotel, restaurants, country club, 18-hole course, and luckily the executive course.

Entrance to the new club house.  Play through!
Entrance to the new club house. Play through!
Sit up at the bar overlooking the 9th hole for a local craft beer.
Sit up at the bar overlooking the 9th hole for a local craft beer.

Let me tell you… As someone who has played the exec course a handful of times prior to the upgrades, the reno project is impressive!  For starters, the clubhouse now has a bar (the Tap In Tavern) overlooking the 9th hole that is worth coming to check out even if you’re not a golfer.  The menu boasts some tasty eats (try the flat bread pizzas!) and over 25 craft beers (smart since San Diego has rapidly become a well-known craft seen).

Get some time on the simulator in the club house!
Get some time on the simulator in the club house!

There is also a state-of-the-art simulator – wanna play Pebble?  Go for it!  Closest to the pin contest?  Trivia night? Take your best shot!  Kid friendly too!

We hopped on the course early afternoon on a weekday and were pleased to see it was fairly busy.  …and not just the local retiree community!   There was definitely a young professional crowd clearly calling it a day at the office and heading out to get a quick round. The course is in amazing shape compared to the old days.  Tee boxes were restored, greens (although a little slow) had a nice fresh look, nice landscaping, and if you’ve ever played there you’ll be happy to know the cart paths have been freshly re-paved.  We grabbed a couple pull carts and took a walk and managed to wrap 9 holes easily in under an hour and a half (and that’s even with some nice elderly ladies letting us play through no prob).  The course isn’t particularly tough but it does have a nice variety of holes to get you chip and putt practice.  Weather was a cool 80 degrees which is basically common for that area of San Marcos… gives you plenty of blue bird days year round.

Smart, smart, smart renovation!

The course is in great condition! They’ve done a lot of landscaping upgrades.

Golf for under $35.  Done in under 3 hours.  You might not get to pull the big dog out but… let’s be honest, we all could use some work on our short game.  More chances at a hole-in-one!

If you’re a busy professional, parent, or student then you’re limited on time and budget.  Exec courses may (and SHOULD) be the wave of the future…

Definitely go take a visit at the newly renovated St. Mark Executive Golf Course!  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!


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