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How to Putt on a Crap Green

There’s nothing worse than getting down the fairway on the 1st hole with a beautiful approach only to find the green is bumpy and in crap condition.  Unfortunately most of us don’t get to play in pristine conditions on a course prepping for professional play.  We’re used to it… but when was the last time (if ever) that you’ve taken a lesson on how to putt on poor greens?  Here’s your chance for some quick tips to make sure that no matter what condition the green is in you’re dropping it in the cup consistently.

TIP 1:  Bumps mean less break.  Adjust your aim by taking a bit of break out of the putt.

TIP 2:  Bumps slow the ball down so use a little more firmness.

TIP 3:  Shaggy grass on the green?  Zero in on the sweet spot.  Make sure you draw a line on the ball and hit it direct on the sweet spot of the putter.

TIP 4:  Get over it.  Don’t let a crap green ruin your round.  Just accept it and move on.

What is the worst green you’ve ever played on and how did you manage to play well?

One thought on “How to Putt on a Crap Green

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    Coral Sands golf course, Diego Garcia. All the greens are concrete base with decades old astronauts turf.

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