Daylight Savings Time & How to Post Your Unfinished Round
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Daylight Savings Time & How to Post Your Unfinished Round


Let’s just state the facts here… Daylight savings time sucks.  Why does it suck? Because it it seems as if Mother Nature has limited our ability to get in a full round of golf following a normal work day.  Seeing as the sun is setting closer to 5pm nowadays you’ll be pressed to complete a full round.  So how in the world do you post your scores if you can’t even finish the full 18 holes?  Easy!


– Did you at least finish 9 holes?  If the answer is yes then simply post your 9-hole score into GHIN.  The system allows for 9-hole rounds and they still count towards your index.

– Are you just shy of completing your 18-hole round by 2 holes before it’s so dark you can’t see your ball?  What is the likely outcome for the final holes?  Be honest here.  Add those two holes and post your 18-hole score.


I think the moral of the story here is simply to just play 9 holes!


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    Does anyone in the U.S. know that daylight savings time ENDS in November? We are on standard time now…If DST was in effect now, we’d have MORE daylight, not LESS!

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