Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!
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Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!

Now that Halloween has passed we can switch gears and start focusing on our golf holiday wish list.  This may be a little premature but why not start ensuring your gift giving friends and family are well prepared for what it is you actually want.  Below is a short list of things to consider and stay tuned for our must-have list of actual items coming soon!



What golfer doesn’t need new threads?  Luckily for those of us in Southern California we don’t have to own a certain set golf wardrobe for winter, spring, summer and fall.  We can generally stick with the spring and summer season styles which is a big benefit to our fam because come winter time the spring and summer items from last season are on deep discount.  Start snooping out the brands and styles you like and be sure to share info with those willing to give you a gift for your size, favorite colors, and what brands you like.  We have plenty of outlet malls around the region but also have access to some great online retailers.  Don’t forget about apparel for your clubs too… think bags, headcovers, and other necessary accessories!

Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!


Every year the golf equipment biggies unveil new must-haves especially around the holidays.  Take some inventory over your golf bag… what’s the oldest club in your bag that could you use an upgrade?  Maybe it’s time to explore a new putter or new driver option.  Have you thought about asking for an amazing new set of wedges?  Or, is a rescue club missing from your bag?  This is your time to look beyond a full set and get those around you keen to picking up one ideal club that you would LOVE to have!

Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!


For the techie golfer there are a plethora of awesome new products on the market that not only track your swing, your ball, and your game but there are even some that make your outings that much better.  Are you a music kind of golfer?  Maybe you are headstrong about improving your game?  It could even be as simple as wanting to make your life easier with tracking distances from shots to holes.

Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!


Are your friends or family looking for a sure fire gift to make you happy?  Easy!  Tee time cash or prepaid range bucket cards can be picked up at virtually any golf course or range.  Maybe you’ve been dying to get out of town or plan a staycation.  Let those around you know so they can have you top of mind… who doesn’t want a couple of paid-for golf rounds at a course at a driving distance resort?!  And don’t forget the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour roll into town early in the new year and tickets are always a great idea!  Experiences are sometimes the best gifts given so keep those in mind when making your list!

Time to Get Your Golf Holiday Wish List in Order!



How early is too early?  Never!  It’s officially time to get your golf holiday list in order and be sure to stay tuned for our must-haves list coming soon!


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