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GOLFSmart Review – Staying Hydrated, Energized, and Focused

Last week we shared some tips on how to beat the heat while playing golf in hot weather (aka summer).   The main piece of advice is staying hydrated… which sounds pretty straight forward but a lot of golfers look beyond a bottle of water to see if they can find something that has some flavor and possibly other nutritious benefits.  With that said, in comes a bundle of products that offer some type of performance enhancing feature and you have to wonder, does it work?

I picked up a tin of the GOLFSmart drink mix that claims to improve your focus, endurance, and score all while keeping you hydrated. GOLFSmart review Anything with PED claims makes me a bit suspicious but since I’m not on tour I figured it was a safe test.  Here’s what I found:


  • Metal tin packaging containing 10 drink sticks (includes tamper evident seal)
  • Sticks contain a powder sufficient for one 16-20 fluid ounce bottle of water
  • One stick contains 15 calories
  • Flavor option currently is only Fruit Punch
  • Claims to provide natural ingredients for focus, hydration, and energy
  • Contains soy and coconut
  • Does not contain gluten, sugar, artificial colors or artificial flavors
  • Certified drug free by the BSCG


GOLFSmart drink sticks come in a nice sturdy looking tin with a tamper evident seal (always nice knowing that no one replaced what you’re about to put in your body with something dangerous).  The packaging really pushes the performance enhancing features with energy, focus and hydration.  The front of the package also states in small lettering that it’s a scientifically engineered performance supplement.  Red flag in my opinion but I continue on my inspection (GMO’s are a big turn off for most people this day and age).  The bottom front has the BSCG stamp of approval that it is indeed drug free which is a big plus!  Flipping the tin over has all of the good details – nutrition info, ingredients, and instructions.  The instructions are simple in which you add one packet to a 16-20 fluid ounce bottle of water, shake, and drink.  Suggests drinking a whole bottle before the front 9 and a second bottle before the back 9.  The ingredients of course are a bunch of technical and scientific words I don’t know but what jumped out at me is the energy blend contains a green tea leaf extra (I love a good green tea energy kick).

GOLFSmart reviewLike a good reviewer I grabbed a bottle of water (16.9 fluid ounce Dasani), found a bench out front of the pro shop and added one GOLFSmart stick packet.  At first I watched the powder mix in to the water itself but then grabbed the bottle and gave it a few good shakes.  The bottle turned a bright pink with a tiny bit of foam.  My initial sip tasted a bit chalky so I shook the bottle up some more, waited a moment and tried again.  I definitely tasted the fruit punch flavor and no sweet after taste.  I secretly wished there were some bubbles to the drink like some of the competitor products, because I love a fizzy drink, so to me it tasted a bit flat (simply my opinion).  I hit the course and decided to walk in order to get a feel for the energy and hydration boost, especially considering it was 82 degrees outside.  At the turn, I grabbed my second bottle of water I brought and repeated the GOLFSmart process.


By the end of my round I found that I wasn’t extra thirsty so it indeed did the hydration job.  I was a bit hungry which is pretty normal but I felt pretty energetic still considering I just walked 18.  My score card looked average per my norm so I’m not sure my focus had increased.  I think by dropping the performance enhancing claims GOLFSmart could do really well from the hydration and energy sales perspective.  I’d really love to see some alternative flavors too like a cherry, orange, or just green tea flavor.  Be sure to go to the bathroom after each bottle though… it could be a long walk to the next pit stop!

For more information click HERE.

MSRP:  $20.00 for tin containing 10 sticks / $5.00 for sample tube containing 2 sticks

To buy now click HERE.

GOLFSmart review

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