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How to Not Look Like a Tourist on the Golf Course in Southern California – 101

I say it time and time again, we live in eternal summer.  Tourism in Southern California is a big driving factor for our economy and people headed to the golf course is no exception.  One thing is for certain though… it’s easy to spot a tourist and if you don’t know how, we’re going to help you out!  We want to make sure our local golfers don’t look the part of the cheeseball tourist.  Here’s a short course!


How not to look like a southern california touristLesson 1 – Clothing:

We’re definitely fortunate to live in a region where golf fashion is abundant.  Many major golf manufacturers are right in our backyard but that doesn’t mean we need to look like yahoos.  If you dress in orange head to toe, you’re probably a tourist.  If it’s Sunday and you’re wearing black pants and a red top, you’re probably a tourist.  It’s fun to emulate the pros but put your own twist to it.  …and remember, Rickie and Tiger haven’t worn those getups in quite some time.  Here’s another quick indicator – leave the course logo’d hat at home.  It’s like being in a band and wearing your own t-shirt to your concert.  Just don’t.  Save the Torrey Pines hat for off the course.

Lesson 2 – Cameras & Speed of Play:

I’m not advocating to leave your cameras at home or not to take pictures.  DO and don’t forget to hashtag #SOCALGolfer!  Just don’t stand and pose for twenty minutes on each tee box and green.  If you’re going to take a picture, make it quick.  …and please, for the love of the game, leave your giant DSLR cameras that hang around your neck at home.  Your cell phone camera works equally well.

How not to look like a southern california touristLesson 3 – Lingo:

Okay so you’re on the course and your playing partner drops a “bro” or a “gnarley” and he’s clearly not from SOCAL.  No, no, no, please NO.  When people come to town they want to blend in and most people think we’re just a surfing community.  As much as we appreciate the attempt it just makes you look stupid.  …I mean, unless you’re on the skateboard/surfboard golf cart then leave it behind.  That leads me to my most important lingo point – it’s California.  Not Cali.  Calling our state Cali is like pinning a red flag on your forehead that says “tourist”.

How not to look like a southern california touristLesson 4 – Equipment:

We highly encourage having great equipment but you don’t need to lug your tour bag halfway across the country (or from San Diego to Palm Desert).  It’s nonsense.  If you aren’t on the tour then you don’t need a tour bag.  If your name isn’t embroidered on the bag (along with your sponsors) and you don’t have a couple trophies in your house, leave it at home.  Maybe as decoration in your home but not on the golf course.  I’m not sure if tourists who bring tour bags think they look cool but trust us, you don’t.  …and no, we don’t think you are a pro golfer with that slice.

This is a short little lesson but I hope it helped!  Any other observations of poor tourism from the class?  The teacher is always a student!  Sound off in the comments below…





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