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How to Beat the Heat – Tips on Playing Golf in Hot Weather

tips on golfing in the heatIt’s mid-August, dead of summer and whether you’re on the coast or in the desert it can get pretty hot while out on the golf course.   The worst stroke to add to your game is heat stroke… so here are some tips on how to beat the heat while playing golf in hot weather:

Drink, drink, drink!  tips on golfing in the heatWater should be your primary go-to for quenching your thirst.  Skip the soda, juice, and yes, the beer.  If you’re braving the heat it’s important to keep yourself well hydrated.  Cool water is preferable over cold water and drink before, during, and after your round.  It’s also advisable to drink a sports drink because the electrolytes help to give you the necessary fuel and calories but don’t overdo it.

Slather on the sunscreen.  Whether it’s the old school lotion or the spray bottle, put it on and make sure it’s a high protection number (so think 30+).  Put it on before your round and bring it along for the turn after the 9th hole.  …better yet, you should be doing this all year round since you’re outside on the course!

Wear proper clothes.  There are plenty of golf companies that make breathable attire.  Not only will air circulate trough your clothes better but you’ll also be protecting yourself from the sun.  …and don’t fear looking like “that guy” and flip up the collar of your shirt to protect your neck.  No one cares that you look like a jabronie.

Avoid the sun.  tips on golfing in the heatSounds backwards but hear me out… Wear a hat and sunglasses.  Yes, that simple.  If you forgot yours just run inside the pro shop because basically all pro shops carry both items.  Also hang in the shade while you wait for a shot or sit in the cart or grab your umbrella and use it!

Timing is everything.  Schedule your tee time for earlier in the morning rather than later.  Most courses have early times but they’ll be a hot commodity so make sure you call ahead to get that time secured.  You’ll need to bring a light jacket because sometimes it’s a little chilly in the morning but once that sun is up it’ll burn hot pretty quick.  You’ll finish around lunch and have a perfect excuse to go grab lunch.

Pay attention to how you feel.  Seriously, heat stroke is no joke.  Know the signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion:  weakness, headache, muscle cramps, irritability (yes that last shot may have sucked but I’m talking more angry than usual), nausea, vomiting, light-headedness, feeling hot on head and neck, dry and sticky mouth, tiredness, lack of sweating, and rapid heartbeat.  Make sure you have your cell phone in case of emergency.

Stay cool my friends!

tips on golfing in the heat




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    Playing golf in hot weather can give you a serious tan and sunburn. Sunscreen is important for every weather, No matter there is sunny day or rainy day, Sunscreen is equally important.

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