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Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver Review – Distance is the Name of the Game

It’s a fair assumption that every golfer craves more distance off the tee.  We can’t help ourselves but want to out-drive our playing partners just to get that ounce of pride even though our tee shot isn’t any indication of what the final score will be for any given hole.  For those of us that want to chase that mini moment we seek out specialized driver manufacturers because that is their bread and butter – distance.

Krank Golf is no exception!  These club makers live and breath in the long drive world and have numerous accolades to prove it but in the decade they’ve been in the industry they claim that 95% of all sales go to regular golfers like you and me.   My point is made… we all want a longer shot off the tee and willing to have the right equipment in hand.

Of course we still recognize that tempo and rhythm are key components to a long straight drive but once we have those buttoned up it’s go time to let the big dog eat.

I got my hands on the Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver and here’s what I found out:


  • Customizable options – grip, loft, shaft, head cover
  • Matte black finish with neon green accents
  • Latest ultra-hardened Forged Beta Titanium cupped face
  • Dual louver placement for increased stability in both toe and heel
  • Body rigidity with M.E.T. V-slot technology within soleplate
  • Dimensions are 46 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches
  • Hand made
  • Hails out of Tempe, AZ


Matte black is the new “it” color.  The last few years have been all about white but Krank’s look is where the trends are shifting.  There’s something Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver Reviewsurprisingly sexy about the all black matte look and the neon green accents almost give it a NASCAR appearance.  At first glance I had to chuckle because the Krank logo reminds me of Gru’s logo in the movie Despicable Me (those Minions are literally everywhere these days).  The Pure grip feels thick but it’s nice and sticky and ready to hit the course.  The club itself is feels heavy and compared to the driver in my bag I use on the daily it definitely has some more oomph to it.


Standing up on the tee box of the simulator I was ready to put this driver to the test.  I know my stats of the driver in my bag so I can easily compare and see if it adds the distance I’m looking for.  First swing of the Formula 6 Driver and I was already in my head and tried to over power the ball resulting in a wide right trajectory and lackluster distance.
Regrouped and tried to simply visualize it’s my same old driver.  I struggled to get out of my own head that it’s a driver designed for more distance.  After a good solid block of time on the simulator I did find my accuracy Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver Reviewwas on point but the distance was no more than what I already achieve.  The weight of the club forced me to really adjust my swing just to be able to make contact properly.  I handed the club over to a couple of the guys standing around watching the simulator and let them take a few swings as well.  We were able to pump out some bomb long drives above 300 yards but it definitely took each of them some getting used to for the weight.


In review, I do believe this club can give you the extra added distance you want to achieve but you have to be able to kick your mechanics up a notch and get out of your own head.  The increased swing speed but still accurate timing is the baseline requirements to make a good connection with the Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver.  Simply sticking out of my bag I quickly gathered a crowd interested to see what club I had and everyone was itching to get their hands on it which is further proof that we all crave more distance.  More time with the club may be all that I need to really hone in and tame the beast and I’ll definitely keep at it.

For more information click HERE.

MSRP:  $499.00

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