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The Elusive Kirkland Signature Golf Ball & Acushnet Go Head-to-Head

It’s no surprise that this was going to happen… unless you’re living under a rock you have probably now heard about the elusive Kirkland Signature golf balls (AKA Costco’s lead brand).  I feel a little like Mugatu when I say this but it’s true, “Those Kirkland golf balls are so hot right now.”  Seriously though.  Costco can’t keep these golf balls in stock for more than a day and it’s incredibly hard to find them, let alone buy them (side note – they’re supposed to be restocked this Spring).  I happened to have had the fortune of someone else’s misfortune and found one in my yard recently thanks to some golfer’s errant shot.  I felt a little like a jerk when I ran out to get the ball (that almost hit my window I might add), found it was a Kirkland ball, and instead of tossing it back I ran and hid back inside my house.  It’s a solid golf ball and by solid I mean it’s good.  Really good!


KS golf balls are so hot right now.


So here it is… the legal battle commences.  Just today news is spreading that litigation has begun between Costco and Acushnet (makers of the Titleist golf balls).  Apparently Acushnet is claiming patent infringement and Costco doesn’t want to back down.  It’s all a bit technical but Acushnet claims the Kirkland Signature golf ball has lifted some of their patented technology and Costco is flat out saying that it’s false.




Plain English – Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls and Kirkland Signature golf balls are incredibly similar (or so says both companies).  As a consumer, the biggest difference is price.  Costco sells their balls for $15 per dozen.  So heck ya I’d be miffed if I was Acushnet… arguably the owner of the leader in golf ball technology.

blankBoxing gloves are on and my money is going with Acushnet.

Have you played a Kirkland Signature ball?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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One thought on “The Elusive Kirkland Signature Golf Ball & Acushnet Go Head-to-Head

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    I bought 5 boxes of the KS balls. Sold 2 of them to a friend for what I paid. The price per ball is excellent and the feel around the greens is comparable to the ProV1. My only real complaint about the KS ball is that the cover is soft as I tend to get nicks or groove scrapes within 5 to 7 holes of play.

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