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Trust Us…You could use a Style Caddie

You will still suck at golf but at least you’ll look prime

When’s the last time you sat down and said, “I am going to set apart some time each month to shop for golf clothes…” Let us answer for you – Never! ¬†Unless your Ian Freakin Poulter you’d never have a box of fresh golf gear show up on your door step – hand selected for you.

The guys from Short Par 4 wanted to provide that caddie like experience that the PROS get and make it a service that complements your woardrobe.

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Here’s Why We Will Never Shop For Golf Clothes Again:

  • SP4 is Free To Join
  • They Send Premium Brands Hand Selected to Match Your Style
  • You Keep Only What You Want
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • Save Up to 60% Off Retail Prices
  • Shows Up Monthly – No Shopping Required
  • Access to Exclusive Apparel Deals

If we had Star Ratings we would give this service…Rock Stars. Go check it out for yourself




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