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Two Great Drills To Improve Chipping Accuracy

In this article we’re going to give you some great chipping drills that you can do to improve your chipping accuracy out on the course. No matter what type of shot you’re playing whether you’re chipping, pitching or hitting a long shot you should always do these things:


1. Pick out your final target.
2. Imagine a line back from your final target to your ball.
3. Pick out a spot about 2-3 yards in front of your ball that you can aim at.

By going through this process for every shot it will make it much easier for you to aim your club correctly so you can have more accuracy.

Accuracy when chipping should be easy, but a lot of golfers find it difficult because they use a chipping swing that is too complicated. When chipping, your club should move pretty much straight back and straight through. It is especially important that the clubface goes directly down the line towards the target, even after you’ve hit the ball.

Here’s a couple good chipping drills to help you learn how to do this.

1.) Place two clubs on the ground pointing directly towards your target and position the clubs parallel to each other on either side of the ball, so that you have enough room to move your club back and through towards the target.

Once setup simply chip balls making sure your club is going more or less straight back and straight through as you’re going through the chipping motion, by checking that your club is moving within the lines created by the two golf clubs on the ground.

Naturally for longer chip shots your chipping stroke will be more of an arc. So this is just for short chip shots. But it’s good practice for longer chip shots and other shots as well because it teaches you to keep the club moving longer towards the target as you’re moving through the ball.

2.) Another chipping drill you can use to improve your accuracy when playing golf is to get a long box and place it so it’s pointing directly at your target.

Once this is set then place a golf ball just to the left of the box so that you have enough room to place the clubhead and you can make a chipping stroke.

Then simply swing back and through making sure you keep the toe of the club close to the box.A short chip should be played like a putt. You can even use your putting grip to chip with if you like.

These two chipping drills I have given you will help to improve your chipping accuracy if you practice them. Plus, there’s no excuse not to practice them because you can do these chipping drills at home inside with some whiffle balls.

So practice these drills and watch your accuracy improve.

2 thoughts on “Two Great Drills To Improve Chipping Accuracy

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    The best recommendation for you to chip well is to use your normal putting stroke :it works even for long chips off the green .
    A chip is just a lofted put

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    I have found I am better using a 6 or 9 iron to bump and run it to the hole. It depends where the flag is on the green. Oh I still use a wedge. I just it less.

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