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4 Ways to Keep Your Cool After a Humiliating Golf Shot

Have you ever whiffed a golf shot?  Maybe duck hooked it into someone’s house lining the fairway smashing a window?  How about missed a one foot putt?  Any of those are super embarrassing but there is nothing more humiliating than doing that in front of your buddies.  I don’t care if you are a golf beginner or a seasoned PGA Tour player, it’s happened to us all.

Here’s the quick and dirty of 4 ways to keep your cool after making one of those mortifying golf shots so you don’t look like a damn fool:


ONE:  Don’t let go of your golf club.  I guess that’s my way of politely saying to keep your anger buried deep within.  Throwing your club, cussing at a decibel 10+, or reacting as if you have never done something like this ever just fuels the fire for ridicule.  …plus, we all know you’ve made a crap shot like this before so there is no use pretending you are a perfect golfer.


TWO:  Make fun of yourself.  Poke a little fun at yourself… FIRST.  If you call yourself out first then it takes the sting away a little if someone else tries to give you trouble.


THREE:   Drop another ball and take another go at it.  You can’t track it for your score but at least give yourself the opportunity for redemption.


FOUR:  Consider adding in some practice time to your schedule.   Maybe you’re not much of a range golfer or a practice green golfer but if you want to avoid another humiliating outing it’s time to actually practice.  You won’t get better unless you play more.  Period.




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