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Spin The Bottle For Golfers (Video)

It may not be as fun as spin the bottle was when you were younger, but it’s definitely funnier. In the ever case of “We need sports” comes “Spin-the-Bottle” Golf!

The concept is as simple as it is CRAZY……and super funny to watch!

First, get your friends to huddle around (safely distanced). Spin the bottle until it stops and points at one player. All other players scream and run like h*ll, as the “It” player grabs the club and attempts to hit the scattering players!

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Send this to the squad you want to play this game with 😂⛳️

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One thought on “Spin The Bottle For Golfers (Video)

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    You could hit someone in the head and kill them. Whiffle ball would be better

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