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Thanksgiving Binge and 3 Ways Golf Can Help You Get Back on Track


You’re going to stuff your face with more than just stuffing.  I get it… I plan on it too.  Here are three tips of how you can use golf to quickly recover from your Thanksgiving meal and get yourself back to normal.

Don’t just get one tee time, set several.  Thanksgiving is all about sitting around with family and friends, sharing conversation, and breaking bread.  Getting moving will quickly help you ward off those extra calories you consumed but don’t just make one tee time.  If you schedule a few for the days following Thanksgiving and the week after that you’ll be on the move and getting some activity instead of using the holiday as an excuse to hibernate.


3 Ways Golf Can Help You Recover From Your Thanksgiving Binge


Pack a snack.  Eating on the golf course is all about snacking.  Get a head start of cleaning out that gut bomb meal you just consumed and pack healthy and high in protein snacks for your golf bag.  Ideas include granola or energy bars, nuts, a PB&J, banana, and apple.

Hit the driving range.  Whether it’s the next morning or the morning after that get over to the driving range and hit not one, but two buckets of balls.  Get your circulation flowing and your muscles stretched and working.  Stretching can help improve circulation and keep you on a healthy track.


3 Ways Golf Can Help You Recover From Your Thanksgiving Binge


Simple. Easy. Golf.  What more could you ask for?



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